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JavaScript 30 0

JavaScript 30

Build 30 cool things in 30 days, using vanilla JavaScript? Sure. Sounds great. Let’s get started and see what I learn. You can find my lessons learned on my github.

This was one of the most fun courses I completed in a long time. It was very good to get back to the basics and play around with vanilla javascript, even though this is not what I use on a daily basis. It still helped to clarify a lot of concepts and each day I was able to learn something new. I mostly enjoyed the data-tutorials, like the cardio array ones, but of course it was also fun to play around with the canvas object and things that are
Kyle Simpson about becoming a better developer 0

Kyle Simpson about becoming a better developer

This a a great podcast with Kyle Simpson, where he talks about about his personal habits and how you can become a better developer:

I think the most important points are:

  • Truly understand the problem, before you try to fix it.
  • Have a very good understanding of the stack you are working on, and a good enough understanding of the abstraction / layer below.
  • Make sure you can explain your code. If this is not easy enough, the code probably needs refactoring.
  • Find the right balance between YAGNI (you ain’t gonna need it) and a higher level of abstraction. Don’t do premature optimisation.
  • Don’t be stuck for too long, when you don’t understand something, but also don’t jump on
IntelliJ Tips and Tricks 0

IntelliJ Tips and Tricks

I’m using VS Code for my private projects and IntelliJ at work. Coming from Eclipse, I’ve never really took the time to check out all the features of IntelliJ, instead I just started using it and learned as I went along. As soon as I knew how to do all the things I needed for my daily job, I settled and didn’t make any effort to further optimise my workflow and productivity. The things I knew were just good enough to get the job done, but I wasn’t very efficient. When I did pair programming with colleague recently, I saw that he was much faster as he really used the IDE to help him achieve what he wants. I decided …