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Building Traceroute in JavaScript 0

Building Traceroute in JavaScript

(This article has been posted on Medium on the 4th of July 2018.)

I always found traceroute one of the most interesting network utilities, as it gives you an insight on how data travels through a network. If you ping a server and get a response, it’s easy to forget that the data travelled through a cascade of network devices until it reached its destination. If you do a traceroute you see the ip addresses and response times of all devices (bridges, routers and gateways) between you and the server. While this is helpful for a network administrator to debug network issues, I found it interesting to see the flow of data. Even more so when it’s combined with geolocation …

In the Loop 0

In the Loop

This talk by Jake Archibald is a must see! I’ve learned a ton about the event loop. He’s such a great speaker, I really really enjoyed this one. The stories about sneezing, the fizzy water and the eye doctor were just hilarious.

JavaScript 30 0

JavaScript 30

Build 30 cool things in 30 days, using vanilla JavaScript? Sure. Sounds great. Let’s get started and see what I learn. You can find my lessons learned on my github.

This was one of the most fun courses I completed in a long time. It was very good to get back to the basics and play around with vanilla javascript, even though this is not what I use on a daily basis. It still helped to clarify a lot of concepts and each day I was able to learn something new. I mostly enjoyed the data-tutorials, like the cardio array ones, but of course it was also fun to play around with the canvas object and things that are